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Martina is a Gold Coast based Graphic Designer with attention to detail, minimalist style and elegant aesthetic.

The combination of distinctive creative elements reinforces a memorable outcome in her client work. Martina graduated from a

Bachelor of Architecture in 2018 and has worked as a Freelance Designer and Design Student Mentor for over 3 years.

Image by Johannes Beilharz


Emblm Agency - Current

Initially working as an intern to complete her studies, Martina gained a position within the agency as a part-time designer. 

Responsibilities include branding, re-branding, designing various stationary and marketing collateral for clients


Billy Blue, Torrens University - Current

Martina has over three years experience mentoring design students, helping to guide and support them in a collaborative environment.

Empathy and altruistic values are used to connect with each student meanwhile breaking down the steps to unpack a brief.


Kollosche Prestige Agents - 021

Martina has experience working in a fast paced, team environment. Areas of expertise included marketing material design, brochure design,

magazine and newspaper advert creation and submission, property book design, print and binding.


Zatta Design - Current

Using her unique design aesthetic and simplistic approach, Martina has been creating freelance graphic work and art for various

businesses and brands. She has focused on branding, print and digital assets along with signage and merchandise.

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